Story of my life. 😌 #trolling
😷 #TorpeFinishLast

DARA: “Swag Swag~ Doom Dada fam! With the cool Mino~ His voice is really cool and when he raps, his charisma is no joke. But off stage, he’s really a cute dongsaeng~! I’m excited for their debut stage Fighting ^_^ #winner #SongMino”
Let’s play “how rude can I be before you realize I don’t like you.” 😡 #ugtas  (at In your face…)
Hi. I’m a ghost. 👻
To my fellow diva, @nishlicious Happy Birthday! I miss you and our killing sessions. Take care, bunny. 🎂 #happycampers
😑 #MemeTime
Rock and roll. 😎 #trolling